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Compurx Infotech

Compurx Infotech
About Us

CompuRx Infotech is the result of the noble initiatives made by Dr. Anil Vij, a renowned physician of the country. It was in the year 2003; Dr. Vij felt a visible gap prevailing in Indian as well as international health care industry. The absence of an efficient software for hospitals, prompted him to setup his own company to develop managed software for hospitals.Dr. Vij, who is an avid admirer of computers and computing technology, started making the initial framework of a computer software that could help clinicians write flawless prescriptions. Thus, CompuRx Infotech came in to being and Prescription Pad became the brainchild of the company.Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Anil Vij, CompuRx went on to develop software for hospitals, which not only helped the doctors write safe prescriptions, but also helped them in several aspects of their practice. Over a period of a decade, the medical software companyhas emerged in to a favorite for many medical practitioners and hospitals both at domestic as well as international level.

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