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Real Estate

Green Essence Real Heights Pvt. Ltd
About Us

GREEN ESSENCE REAL HEIGHTS have had the vision of establishing residential housing projects at affordable prices in the rural areas, places where you were born and brought up. It is a dismal happening that you have to eventually leave your childhood home and move to the cities in search of a better job opportunities, better education, better medical facilities and overall a better life. The city life does not suit most of the migrants and they end up losing heath in an unhealthy hectic city life but as a call of need, they do not have the option to return back to their home else they would lose on the facilities offered by the cities. So, there is nothing more you can do other than yearn for the chance to get an opportunity of living in the healthy rural part while enjoying the facilities of the urban cities. Keeping this in mind, we at Timecity have taken this challenge of providing a complete blend of both life-styles where you can enjoy both without having to compromise on any facilities and sacrificing your wishes anymore. We know everyone has a deep affection towards dense green covers, river banks, frsh air rising from them, the beautiful sunsets, a safe and secure tranquil place that is close to basic yet important resources, a home. Our projects though are established in the rural areas, it does not mean they lose out on any of the modern systems, of safety, security, features and facilities. Our housing scheme is fully equipped with the latest technology and medical services. It gives a chance to the rural people to enjoy the facilities of the urban cities while still being close to natures and their home.

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